Green Point Award 2016 granted to outstanding company

The venue of this year’s Green Point Conference in Dubai was the occasion to launch the Outstanding Green Point Award for the first time. The award distinguishes a company, which is a member of the global Green Point network, based on several factors such as:

  • Stable growth in Green Point and services business
  • Cooperation and willingness
  • Quality of processes and compressor repair methods
  • Constant dedication to superior customer service

The award was granted to Green Point Spain (PECOMARK Group), which was represented by its Managing Director and Co-owner Oriol Company. Green Point Spain opened the first independent Green Point in Europe back in 2012. They now repair more than 500 BITZER compressors per year. Founded in 1961, they have been collaborating with the BITZER Group for almost 30 years now. Green Point Spain’s main objective is the distribution of refrigeration and air conditioning components. 400 people are working for the success of this company, which to date has almost 50 commercial subsidiaries spread over three different countries.

Oriol Company from Green Point Spain with the first Outstanding Green Point Award